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Stock up on warm tea and cookies to strengthen family ties even more! Get yourself on the spacious sofa and get ready for a movie that will only make you feel good. As usual, the collection includes movies from many eras and nations. Start the movie's journey now.


Mortimer Folhart, also known as Mo to his friends, is a book restorer. Repairing pages or bindings that have been torn is a craftsman's job fear. Maggie, his 12-year-old daughter, enjoys reading, which is not surprising given her father's line of work. They are voracious readers. Characters from books can come to life in more than just the readers' imaginations, though. Bookworms possess extraordinary talent. A toolkit can be seen next to Moe's at Aunt Eleanor's home in the first scene of the movie. It is the same one that Rick, a character played by Brendan Fraser, gave to Rachel Weisz's character in The Mummy (1999).

Dalmatians 101
On Christmas Eve, in London. Cruella De Vil, a cunning and cunning villain, intends to make a Dalmatian wool coat for herself. She desires that as her Christmas present. It only takes 99 tiny puppies. The two couples eventually cross paths when the Dalmatian's owner Pongo meets the dog's owner Perita. The four-legged creature and the spotted creature both produce gorgeous young. The vengeful Cruella has set her sights on them.
Mary Poppins is back.
It has been 25 years since Michael and Jane Banks, siblings, were little kids who believed in magic and miracles. The three children of Michael, Annabelle, John, and Georgie are currently growing up in the London house as the family's new generation. Mother of the young creatures passed away a year ago. Their father, who was drowning in debt and monotony, changed careers from painter to cashier. The Banks' house is about to be forfeited. Mary Poppins the Nanny arrives at that time. In 25 years, she hasn't changed at all. Interesting fact: When her children's novel "Mary Poppins" was released in 1934, author Pamela Travers first described the busy nanny. She created seven additional books about the exploits of the mysterious governess over the course of the following fifty years.
A Bob the street cat
True pals, Bob the red-haired cat and Luke Treadaway. Red saved a homeless musician during a trying point in his life and remained by his side ever since. James, a heroin addict and unsuccessful guitarist, has given up on ever beating his addiction. But then a miracle occurs: he is added to the list of people who have gotten social housing and therapy. He encounters a red cat in the foyer of his new home, but he pays it little mind. The cat then reappears. Fun fact: The story is based on James Bowen's autobiographical novel, which has been published in over thirty languages and topped The Sunday Times bestseller list for 76 weeks. Although other cats were considered for the role of Bob, the genuine Bob really "plays" the majority of the movie.