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The History of the Academy Awards: The Famous Oscar

Even before the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded in 1927, there were already several award-giving committees in place. Concerning labor difficulties, the Academy’s aims to repair the image of cinema, as well as its role as a center for innovative technology and production processes, the Academy did not pursue presenting awards from the outset. When the Academy agreed to award Oscars of Merit in 12 different categories, including best picture and director as well as screenplay and adaptation, the first time was in May of 1928. Best cinematography, best art direction, best technical effects, and best performance by an actor or actress were among the other categories that were nominated. The Oscar award is left as the most respected award comparing the mtv movie award for best scared-as-shit performance and other unusual cinema prizes.

Who were the top honorees?

Awards were given out for movies exhibited in cinemas from August 1, 1927, to July 31, 1928. On May 16, 1929, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel sponsored an event to recognize winners. There were nominated nominations in every category from the academy’s entire membership. A five-person team of judges narrowed down the field of 10 finalists to three nominees from each of the academy’s original sections (actors, writers, directors, producers, and technicians). A central panel of judges, who selected the winners, included a representative from each branch.

A photograph of the Oscar statuette

With a sword in his palm, Cedric Gibbons, MGM’s creative director, fashioned the statuette. George Stanley utilized Gibbons’ design as the foundation for his unique sculpture. For many years, they were coated in 24-karat gold and cast in bronze. Because of metal shortages during World War II, plaster statuettes were employed instead. Now, Britannia is coated with gold to make it more valuable. The design has remained almost unchanged, except for the pedestal base, which was extended in 1945. The statue, which stands at 13.5 inches (34.3 cm) tall and weighs 8.5 pounds, is a sight to see (3.8 kg).

Rules and categories

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Films must receive nominations in each of the following 24 categories to be considered for the Best Picture Award: Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actresses, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Camerawork, Best Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, Best Sound Mixing, Best Visual Effects, and Best Foreign Language Film.

Is It All About the Movies?

The Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award (for excellence in producing), and the Gordon E. Sawyer Award (for technological accomplishments) may or may not be presented on an annual basis. Other awards, such as honorary awards and prizes for scientific and technical brilliance, and unique achievements, and honorary awards. In August of 2018, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences said that they will be adding a new category at the 2019 Oscars called “exceptional achievement in popular cinema.” The academy has decided to delay the launch of the new category in response to the feedback they have received, which includes both criticism and bewilderment.

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